Point Large - Mingle by Fatboy

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Point Large Mingle by Fatboy is the unexpected focal point of your interior. This oversized pouf is surprisingly comfortable. What’s more, it's always there for your snacks, drinks, friends and - very importantly - your feet. From TV bingeing to drinks way into the small hours, Point Large Mingle is always up for big fun.

The bouclé version gives the Point Large Mingle a certain panache, with a nod and a wink. The coarsely woven fabric is chic, nonchalant and super strong. Its colors will complement any interior – as well as the whole Fatboy collection. It combines perfectly, for example, with The BonBaron Mingle, made of exactly the same fabric.

⌀27.5" x 15.8" / ⌀70 x 40cm
5.7lbs / 2.6kg

100% polyester cover, anti-slip bottom

Chuck Berry
Grid Stone