A Conversation Piece Lounge Chair, Tall by UMAGE

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A Conversation Piece tall is a standout design piece in any setting and just right for enjoying a good book or engaging conversation, favouring relaxation and slow living. The lounge chair’s spacious seat has plenty of room for sitting in different positions, whether curled up with your legs or fully stretched out, and the tall back of the chair catches your head at any angle, for you to feel sheltered.

A Conversation Piece tall is available in oak, dark oak and black oak in eight carefully selected colours of the 100% recycled Horizons textile.

A Conversation Piece tall has interchangeable upholstery, meaning that you can change the upholstery easily yourself and add new life to the design without having to buy an entirely new furniture piece, saving the world resources.

Solid oak, plywood, polyester (Horizons S and Teddy bear), MDF and PUR.

Find more information in Horizons S, Teddy Bear specifications.

H: 106 W: 73 D: 93 cm