Recycled Tube Light by Castor (Made in Canada)

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Burned-out fluorescent bulbs lit with LED bulbs.
Lengths of 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet are available.


TL-4: 47.125 in x 8.125 in (1197 mm x 206 mm); 13 lbs (5.9 kg)
TL-6: 69.125 in x 8.125 in (1756 mm x 206 mm); 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
TL-8: 93.125 in x 8.125 in (2362 mm x 206 mm); 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
8V: DIA 5 7/8 x H 17 1/2in (DIA 150mm x H 445mm)
TL-T: 15in x 8.125in / 3lb (380mm x 206mm / 1.4kg)

Materials: Recycled fluorescent tubes, steel, rubber & hardware. Bulbs included.

Electrical Information

Power: 120-240v.
TL-4, TL-6 and TL-8 Cord: 
144in (3656mm) TL-4, TL-6 and TL-8 cord; Red or Black. Canopy Included. 
8V Cord: 144in (3660mm); Red or Black. Canopy Included. 
TL-T Cord: 72in (1820mm); Red or Black. Canopy Included. 

TL-4 Bulbs: 2x dimmable 8W E26/E27 LED Bulb 500 Lumens, 2700K
TL-6 Bulbs: 3x dimmable 3.7W G9 LED 500 Lumens, 3000K
TL-8 Bulbs: 4x dimmable 3.7W G9 LED 500 Lumens, 3000K
8V Bulb: E12 candelabra lamp holder, Dimmable 5W (30 watt output) With 616.5 CCFL bulb, 200 lumens
TL-T Bulb: Dimmable 15W cold cathode
Compact fluorescent (750 Lumens)
Certification: This product complies with and is certified to all North American electrical safety standards.