Clara Clock by Camino

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Inspired and designed in the same series with our Carmel Coffee Table, the accented metal trim covered half of the circle. You can turn it up, down, or sideways to give it a different look. You can also make them stand on the ground and make it a floor piece decor. The clock face has 5 different surface finishes. 2 in solid oak with waxed natural finish, and the other in smoked oak. 2 in rubber painted colour finish, with either matte grey or matte pink. Finally, we have 1 clock made in concrete which can only be hung on the wall. This modern designer clock will help you create an eye-catching focal point in any room.


Solid oak dial, plated hands, plated steel rail and solid oak stand
MDF dial, plated hands, powdercoated steel rail and MDF stand
Concrete dial, plated hands

Diameter: 17 3/8" x Depth: 1 3/5"

Colour Options
Waxed Oak / Brass
Smoked Oak / Copper
Pink / Prune / Copper
Grey / Petroleum / Brass
Concrete / Copper