Climber Up & Down 87 Outdoor Wall Sconce by Flos

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A minimalist light box reaching new heights. Designed by Piero Lissoni, Climber is an outdoor wall-mounted lighting fixture with LED light source with extends to illuminate ultimate limits. Vertically mounted, the simplistic geometric design shines up and down featuring a low copper, die-cast aluminum body. Glass-protected low optics are set to minimize glare and maximize visual comfort.

Outdoor wall-mounted luminaire with LED light source. Dual emission version. EN AB-47100 aluminium die-cast body with low copper content. Asymmetrical optics housing: the optics in the lower part is retracted and protected by a shield to limit bothersome glare and maximize visual comfort. The glass enclosing the upper optics is flush with the edge of the light in order to prevent water deposits. The micro-texturized glass diffusers are glued to ensure water resistance and texturized to ensure a uniform light beam generated by each individual LED, maintaining excellent lighting efficiency. High-resistance coating: after sandblasting all components to create a surface porous and ensure greater adhesion of the paint, a double layer of external coating is applied according to the QUALICOAT standard. The first layer of epoxy powder confers chemical and mechanical resistance; the second layer, a polyester powder finish, ensures resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents. The painted surfaces are treated with alkaline and acid washes, then rinsed with demineralized water and subjected to a chemical conversion treatment for rust protection. Integrated 220/240 V power supply. Supplied with an 80-mm length of neoprene cable.

Design by Piero Lissoni

Aluminum, Glass

H: 6.89" x W: 3.43" x D: 2.8"

Colour Options:
Deep Brown
Forest Green

Style Options:
Spot (10°)
Flood (70°)

Light Temperature Options:

POWER LED 12W 2x432lm ≠ FIXT 2x392lm
2700K CRI80 120V

POWER LED 12W 2x468lm ≠ FIXT 2x425lm
3000K CRI80 120V

POWER LED 12W 2x504lm ≠ FIXT 2x458lm
4000K CRI80 120V

*(FIXT lm = Spot Optic)