Tivoli Entry Series by Normann Copenhagen

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The arch of Tivoli’s main entrance inspired the design of the Entry coffee and tea set, made in ceramics with a glazed finish. A simple, elegant design with characterful elements such as the rounded lids and handles make the Entry set a new favourite for coffee breaks and tea time.

Bring the Tivoli feeling home with design objects by Normann Copenhagen.


Faded Celadon, Golden Khaki

Entry Cup 8 cl, H: 5 x W: 11 x D: 7 x Ø: 7 cm
Entry Cup 16 cl, H: 8 x W: 11 x D: 7 x Ø: 7 cm
Entry Teapot 0,6 L, H: 15 x W: 26 x D: 14 x Ø: 14 cm
Entry Coffeepot 0,8 L, H: 25 x W: 24 x D: 9 x Ø: 9 cm