Form. Linear Suspension 6ft

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Form is a modular lighting system using linear shapes to enable creative lighting solutions. Soft, clean, lines connect to scale the fixture to any setting while a unique aluminum housing can be rotated to direct the light. Anony’s intelligent connection system allows Form to be combined into sophisticated light sculptures.


Material: Aluminum, Plexiglass

Dimension: Ø1.18in X L71.65in, Ø30mm X L1820mm

Mounting: J-Box

End Canopy Plate Dimension: Ø4.5in, Ø115mm

Centre Canopy Dimension: Ø4.5in, Ø115mm


Matte White, Matte Black, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Brass

All fixtures use dimmable LED technology and can be fully disassembled to change the light source, replace a part, or re-install.