Front Panel, with two sloped ledges by Karl Andersson & Söner

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Design: Skala Design/ Lasse Pettersson Lennart Notman 2004–2012

Front panel, with two sloped ledges.

Front panel (2005), is a magazine rack, a brochure stand, a mirror, a writing and noticeboard – or a combination of all these functions. You can choose the back of straight or sloping ledge, magnetic whiteboard included some magnets, white glass board, Bulletin Board 2204, covered in any color of fabric Europost from Gabriel and mirror. Standard dimensions are heights 800, 1140, 1550 mm and widths 250, 500, 1000 mm.

Special sizes and other finishes upon request. It is secured to the wall using a metal rail. The ledges in solid wood and back in MDF of veneer in oak, birch and standard colors. Finish clear lacquer. Tempered clear glass in height 150 (=A5) or 230 (=A4) mm as standard and plexiglass upon request. Accessories: Dividers in solid wood that slot on top of the glass fronts to divide each shelf into compartments.

Front was presented in 2004 as a simple straight magazine strip that is screwed into the wall. Over the years, the Front has grown into a extensive display system consisting of periodicals, magazine, and picture moldings, shelves, hangers, glass planter, decorations or display, plate for paper or poster panel with various features like whiteboard, bulletin board, mirror , magazine and brochure racks, storage for extra magazines / brochures, both cabinets and freestanding screen. The advantage of the Front display system is that you can decorate with the same product for different applications. Front is furnished in hotels, in waiting rooms, in work, conference, canteens, schools, museums, libraries, embassies, at home in the kitchen, hallways or bedrooms.

Available in: oak, birch, color (black, yellow, red, green, snow white, white, gray, anthracite)

Note: Edge of magnetic whiteboard and Bulletin Board 2204, on back, is only available in black and white.

Europost fabric colors: see link

Glass: height 150 or 230 mm in standard tempered glass, or plexi for extra cost

*please contact with chosen glass height, color, fabric color (if applicable)


H 1140 B 250 D 115

FRB2562 - Bulletin board

FRK2562 - Covered in fabric, Europost

FRW2562 - Magnetic whiteboard (includes 3 magnets)


H 1140 B 500 D 115

FRB5062 - Bulletin board

FRK5062 - Covered in fabric, Europost 

FRW5062 - Magnetic whiteboard (includes 4 magnets)


H 1140 B 1000 D 115

FRB10062 - Bulletin board

FRK10062 - Covered in fabric, Europost

FRW10062 - Magnetic whiteboard (includes 6 magnets)