Grand Cru Plastic Lids by Rosendahl

by Rosendahl
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The attractive new plastic lids for dishes and bowls in Rosendahl’s Grand Cru range are indispensable everyday items. Your leftovers will keep better under a lid, and, of course, the practical Grand Cru grey plastic lids are freezer-proof and dishwasher-safe at max. 55°C.



Plastic (PE)

Size Options:
Lid for small ovenproof dish: W24.5cm, H2.5cm, D13cm
Lid for medium ovenproof dish: W24.5cm, H2cm, D24.5cm
Lid for large ovenproof dish: W38cm, H2cm, D25.5cm
Lid for small round ovenproof bowl: Ø20cm, H2cm
Lid for large round ovenproof bowl: Ø25cm, H2cm

Additional Information:
• Free of phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA)
• Dishwasher-safe, max. 55°C, and freezer-safe
• Not oven-proof