Grand Cru Soft Series by Rosendahl

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Grand Cru Soft is created in an organic design language that adds a simple design to the table setting for a casual everyday dinner or the big five-course meal. The Grand Cru Soft porcelain and glass collection sets soft curves on all the day's meals from breakfast to guest dinner. In its chalk-white porcelain version, the grooves stand out clearly, while the soft curves on plates, cutlery, bowls, mugs and cups gently enclose the serving and focus on what it is really about, namely food and drink.


- Plate: H2.5 x Ø19.5 cm, 4 pcs
- Plate: H2.5 x Ø23 cm, 4 pcs
- Plate: H3 x Ø27 cm, 4 pcs
- Deep Plate: H4.5 x Ø21.5 cm, 4 pcs

- Deep plate: H5.5 x Ø25 cm, 4 pcs

- Bowl: H6 x Ø15.5 cm, 4 pcs
- Mug: H9 x W12 x Ø9 cm, 34 cl, 4 pcs
- Cup with Saucer: H8 cm, Ø17 cm, 28 cl
- Milk Jug: H14.5 x Ø10 cm, 50 cl
- Sugar Bowl: H6.5 x Ø10.5 cm, 23 cl