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Harco Loor Crystal Ceiling Light

Harco Loor Crystal Ceiling Light

$1,990.00 CAD

A range of handmade hanging, ceiling, wall lamps. Frame of stainless steel with 4 mm and G4 click system, to which the crystal glass flowers are fixed. Rod length changeable, see explanation. On every arm hangs one crystal glass drop. The lighting fixtures are executed in halogen 12V G4 with built-in electronic transformer. LED NOW AVAILABLE.
PL9: Ø 80 cm x 55 cm, 9 X 12V, 10W G4
PL12: Ø 90 cm x 70 cm, 12 X 12V, 10W G4
PL14: Ø 110 cm x 85 cm, 14 X 12V, 10W G4