Ignus Flameless Candle by Menu

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Designed as an alternative to conventional LED candles, these architectural light objects are made from elegant bone china, with an integrated LED fitting. The Ignus Flameless Candle has a 3-step dimming function that can be controlled by a push button on the bottom of the candle. A remote to control multiple Ignus Flameless Candles to be sold separately (coming soon).

– H8 - H: 8 cm, Ø: 10 cm
– H15 - H: 15 cm, Ø: 8 cm
– H20 - H: 20 cm, Ø: 8 cm
– H22,5 - H: 22,5 cm, Ø: 8 cm
– H25 - H: 25 cm, Ø: 12 cm
– H35 - H: 35 cm, Ø: 9 cm