KSO-05 Fudomyo-O Wallpaper by KENSHO II for NLXL

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Fudomyo-O Wallpaper by KENSHO II

Fudo Myoo is the transformed form of Dainichi Nyorai, the supreme Buddha of Shingon Esoteric in Buddhism. Fudo Myo-o shows an indignant face in order to remove the vagaries of our mind and save all people. In Fudo Myo-o’s right hand, holds a sword called Riken to cut off all doubts of the mind. In Fudo Myo-o’s left hand, holds a snare rope called Kensaku to guide the things in the right direction. The large rock called Banjaku, on which Fudo sits, represents the firmness of his mind. On Fudo Myo-o’s back, carrying a flame called Karura En that burns away any bad things.

Mural size: W 194,8 cm x L 330 cm = 6,43 m2
Mural size: W 76,7" x L 129,9" = 69,19 SqFt
No repeat, match 225cm (88.6")

Premium quality heavy duty 160 grs wallpaper with paper top layer and non woven backing;
Colourfast and washable with a soft cloth;
No wallpapering table necessary, glue is applied to wall;
Fire rating USA ASTM E 84.10 EU B.s1, do.