Trama Ceiling Wall Lamp by Luceplan

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The wall or ceiling version of Trama is available in two different variants, depending on the dimensions of the diffuser  64 cm, 50 cm. The cap is separated from the surface on which it is mounted so as to allow ventilation of the bulb support plate.Through its distinctive diffuser in a silk-screened patterned polycarbonate, the quality of its halogen light is enhanced to the utmost and diffused evenly in the room, without reducing brightness and without the tiresome dazzle and false shadows created by direct light beams. The particular shape of the hinge allows both easy opening to replace bulbs and complete detachment of the diffuser cap for cleaning, which can be done with cold water and neutral detergents.


Longhi, Paola/ Balestrini, Luciano, 1986


  • Aluminium body Weft-silkscreened polycarbonate diffuser Pyrex glass for safety


  • D14a: Height 17cm, Dia 64cm
  • D14api: Height 16cm, Dia 50cm
  • D14a.fe: Height 17cm, Dia 64cm


  • D14 a: 3x100W IAA E27, 3x100W HSGST E27, 3x23W FBT E27
  • D14 a.pi: 3x60W IAA E27, 3x20W FBT E27
  • D14a.fe: 3x60W IAA E27, 3x20W FBT E27