Mategot Demon Shelf by Gubi

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Mategot Demon Shelf by Gubi

The Démon Shelf, or the Biblio-Démon as it is listed in Mategot’s old sketches, was part of a “plan d’execution de la bibliothèque” - the model of an interior home library and study. The modular shelving system, designed in 1954 by Mathieu Matégot, can be applied in multiple ways suited for all homes and spaces where that extra dimension of aesthetics for wall storage is sought for.

Mathieu Matégot's organic forms and lightness of touch create a sense of joy and the ground breaking and innovative techniques that he applied resulted in unique aesthetics and, above all, contemporary designs.  Today, Matégot's designs are equally fit for the purpose as when they were originally conceived, and his legendary designs are both timeless and classic.

Like many of his peers Mategot travelled the world in search of inspiration, techniques and upon return transformed these impressions into his own unique designs and interpretations. Whether it was industrial processes or aesthetics, he always collected and interpreted - he even patented and set up his own production to apply these new technologies into his designs, He was a true innovator of his time!      

From the spring of 2014 Gubi's collection of original Mategot designs will include: The Nagasaki Chair & Stool, The Dedal Shelf, The Mategot Coatrack and the Kangourou Table plus four new pieces; The Mategot Trolley, The Demon Shelf and the Copacabana chair and tables.

A modular shelving system that can be combined in several ways. The veneered shelves come in natural oak, natural walnut and black stained ash. The metal brackets are lacquered in black. Available as a 1, 3, 4, or 5 shelf system with shelf lengths of 95, 155, 215, or 275 cm. 

3 Shelves: 26 x 100
4 Shelves: 26 x 135
5 Shelves: 26 x 150
Distance between the shelves are 35 cm and 25 cm. 35 cm between the lowest two shelves - the rest 25 cm distance.
Finish options:
Black metal rack stringer with Oak shelves
Black metal rack stringer with Black Stained Ash shelves
Black metal rack stringer with Walnut shelves
2 Brackets (95, 155 cm shelves)
3 Brackets (215, 275 cm shelves)
1 Shelf bracket: 46 x 6 x 27 cm
3 Shelf bracket: 105 x 6 x 27 cm
4 Shelf bracket: 140 x 6 x 27 cm
5 Shelf bracket: 155 x 6 x 27 cm