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Mixa floor lamp by Cini&Nils

Mixa floor lamp by Cini&Nils

$2,140.00 CAD

Floor halogen lamp for general lighting emitting a balance of indirect and diffused light comparable to natural light (25% direct, 75% diffused). The rays that penetrate the transparent area of the Light Balancer Disk reach the walls and ceiling and bounce back as diffused light, while the ones that strike the 721 tiny white disks are reflected, producing direct light. Including dimmer.

Design: Franco Bettonica, Mario Melocchi,

Finish: Silver

Materials: Aluminium, crystal

Dimensions: h 198 ø 35 cm

Light source:

R7s HDG114,2
400W  230V
9.200 lm

Dimming: In-line