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New Antiques Container Table Foot by Moooi

New Antiques Container Table Foot by Moooi

$685.00 CAD

Designed by Marcel Wanders, 2011

A fancy new addition to the Container Table series, the New Antiques tables brings a touch of vintage charm to its growing fam- ily. For the first time in the Container Tables’ history antique patterns emerge to unite with new designs in a fresh embrace. The contemporary, minimalistic table tops meet the rounded, ornamental shapes of its feet creating the perfect fusion between the past and the present, the decorative and the functional. The Container Table New Antiques are available in many different combinations of shapes, sizes and materials.


The container table top range all attached to the container foot in the same way. The container concept is that sand or water can be added to the foot to give it strength and stability. Water must always be treated with an anti-algae additive to prevent the water from becoming stale. There are Hex-bolts on the underside of each table which align with equally spaced holes in the container foot.

Cleaning Instructions:

Moooi recommends using a trusted household furniture polish or a regular household spray cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to create an even sheen. Always read the label of any cleaning products you wish to use on Moooi furniture.

Material: PE

Dimensions: 17.7”H X 15.7”W X 15.7"D 

Color options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Brown
Table Foot style options:
Table Foot 7132
Dimensions: 29.5”H X 13”W X 13"D
Table Foot 7143
Dimensions: 29.5”H X 17.7”W X 17.7"D
Table Foot 7156
Dimensions: 29.5”H X 22.8”W X 22.8"D
Table Foot 10638
Dimensions: 41.8”H X 15”W X 15"D