New Modern Round Dining Table with Laminate Top by Tiptoe

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A NEW MODERN table is composed of 2 steel tables legs connected together with 2 support bars in stainless steel. The tabletop goes on top of the structure and is screwed to it from below (for larger tables, a crossbar will be placed at the middle of the tabletop for extra support).

NEW MODERN stems from more than a year of hard-work and rigorous testing resulting in one-of-a-kind a modular table system. NEW MODERN combines high functionality and efficient manufacturing while being particularly long-lasting and durable.

The quality of the NEW MODERN system’s design allows for a wide variety of shapes and sizes (from individual desks to XL dining tables to round kitchen tables) and tabletops both in eco-certified wood and recycled plastic.

  • Eco-certified plywood coming from sustainably managed forests (FSC label). The plywood top is made of several birchwood sheets pressed together to make a very strong and rigid panel. It is then veneered with a thin sheet of laminate which makes the tabletop exceptionally robust and easy to maintain, particularly suitable for professional use.
  • Table legs and support bars made of steel : a material known both for its resistance and high recyclability (it’s actually the most recycled material on earth).
  • Very few components, all useful, robust and easy to repair or to replace if need be.
  • Flatpack delivery allowing for lower environmental impact during storage and shipping. Our packaging is made of at least 80% recycled paper.

H: 75 cm x 110 cm diameter (ideal for 4-6 people)

Leg Colour:
Graphite Black
Cloudy White
Eucalyptus Grey
Rosemary Green
Ash Pink