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Notch Wall Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing

Notch Wall Sconce by Rich Brilliant Willing

$685.00 CAD

Design by David Rockwell for Rich Brilliant Willing
Made in the USA

Notch casts light from the top or bottom, and from its core, thanks to the cube-shaped hollow cut out of its open, rectangular, column-like shade—yet the light source remains mysteriously concealed. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the fixture itself, the contrasting finishes on the interior and exterior also improve the light; as the LEDs reflect off of the interior surfaces, they pick up some of the colour and shine, adding nuance and depth to the overall environment.

Powder coated steel housing with brass interior

1 × 8.5W LED
2700K LED
640 lumen source min 80 CRI

8.5W power consumption
610 lumens (delivered)
100–120V input 50/60Hz
220-240V input 50/60Hz (optional)

TRIAC dimming 10-100%

4 x 4 x 9 in H
10 x 10 x 23 cm H