Tivoli Pirouette Candle Holder by Normann Copenhagen

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The Pirouette candle holders are inspired by carousels, with their elegant
design giving the impression as if the candles are hovering. Each of the four candle holders, holding either 1, 2 or 4 candles respectively, has its own unique expression, while the shiny material and rounded details contribute to a shared design language.

Normann Copenhagen

Brass Plated Stainless Steel

Pirouette Candle Holder 1 Ø 5 x H 16 cm
Pirouette Candle Holder 1 Tall Ø 5 x H 22 cm
Pirouette Candle Holder 2 H 19 x D 16 cm
Pirouette Candle Holder 4 H 26 x D 25 cm
Pirouette Candle Snuffer L 18 cm


Made out of brass-plated steel sticks and balls that are welded together.
Collection contains four candle holder versions and a snuffer.