ponoq Coat Rack by Karl Andersson & Söner

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Design: Nils Gulin

ponoq coat rack (2009) consists of wall and free-standing models. ponoq wall model comes in five lengths and in colors white, black and red. When in use, ponoq projects 50 mm from the wall: folded up, it is a mere 16 mm. ponoq free-standing coat hanger comes in single-sided and double-sided versions in two heights. The coat hanger is suspended from a white lacquered metal column that stands on a base-plate of white compact laminate.

This can be secured to the floor using a concealed fitting. An umbrella stand is available as an optional extra. ponoq coat hanger is ideal wherever you need to hang clothes - in a hall, behind a bedroom door, in an office or hotel room, in conference rooms, corridors, auditoriums, kitchens, store-rooms, lunch rooms, cinemas, restaurants or even outdoors.

Available in:

Wall Model

Materials: Compact laminate.


PO12: H 140 L 124 D 16/50

PO25: H 140 L 248 D 16/50

PO50: H 140 L 498 D 16/50

PO75: H 140 L 744 D 16/50

PO100: H 140 L 996 D 16/50


Materials: Pedestal and foot white lacquered. Hanger compact laminate.


Single side POFE25: H 1250/1650 L 305 D 305

Double side POFD25: H 1250/1650 L 305 D 305

Single side POFE50: H 1250/1650 L 400 D 305

Double side POFD50: H 1250/1650 L 400 D 305

Single side POFE75: H 1250/1650 L 610 D 305

Double side POFD75: H 1250/1650 L 610 D 305