Prisma Picture Frame by Umbra

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Prisma is a contemporary and unique geometric picture frame. Resting comfortably between two sturdy panes of glass, the frame creates a floating effect and adds a degree of dimension and depth. Prisma can be oriented in a multitude of arrangements, including hanging or sitting, vertical or horizontal, and placed on a table or mounted on the wall.

The Original Geometric Wire Picture Frame
Designed by Sung Wook Park for Umbra, Prisma is the original geometric wire photo frame

Modern Photo Frame
Prisma’s geometric shape picture frames are both decorative and functional, adding dimension to an otherwise flat picture display

Floating Image Design
Prisma’s innovative design floats your photo between two panes of glass, while allowing the geometric frame to show through

Multiple Sizes And Contemporary Finishes
This unique frame from Umbra comes in a variety of sizes and attractive finishes that will compliment any decor