Radial Cluster System by LODES

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Lodes’s radial system is an innovative structure which allows to manage different individual suspension cables separately starting from one canopy. This system is, therefore, useful for building multiple ceiling or wall compositions with an unusual shape or to increase the potential of a single wall or ceiling light point. It also allows to efficiently and elegantly illuminate irregular ceilings or with beams.

The Radial System is based on a circular canopy in matte white or black metal. By passing the cables of the single lights through the holes on the side of the canopy, it is possible to decentralise the suspension point of the lights starting from a ceiling or wall light point. It is, therefore, possible to manage the length of each single cable by fastening the cable to the ceiling in the desired point by using small transparent polycarbonate wall & ceiling anchors (Radial Swag Kit, to be ordered separately).

This system offers different composition possibilities based on the number of holes on the canopy.

 Radial single or double: the ceiling bracket for single decentralised or double facing suspension has 2 side holes;
– Radial 4 lights: the radial canopy with a diameter of 12.5 cm has 4 side holes and allows the installation of up to 4 lights;
– Radial 12 lights: the canopy with a 25 cm diameter has 12 side holes for a maximum of 12 lights;
– Radial 28 lights: the canopy with a 42 cm diameter has 28 holes for the installation of up to 28 lights.

Materials / Dimensions
– Metal structure
– Swag Kit Ø 2 / H 3 cm
– Single or Double Ø 12.5 cm / H 2.8 cm
– 4 Lights Ø 12.5 cm / H 2.8 cm
– 12 Lights Ø 25 cm / H 4.2 cm
– 28 Lights Ø 42 cm / H 4.2 cm