Rendezvous Tokyo Blue Rectangle Rug by Moooi Carpets

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The Rendezvous Tokyo Blue carpet is the latest stunning addition to Moooi’s signature pattern and textile range, called the Extinct Animals Collection. Inspired by Oriental art and denim textures, this lively design shows a lush Japanese forest brimming with life.

The visual effects of movement and depth are contributing to this vibrant feeling. Upon closer inspection, cheeky Indigo Macaques dressed in traditional kimonos can be discovered between the abundance of exotic colorful flowers.

Designed by Moooi Carpets

Size Options:
200 cm x 300 cm
300 cm x 400 cm

Material Options:
Low Pile Polyamide
Soft Yarn Polyamide

Colour Options:
Ming Blue

All rugs are finished with a blind hem.