Reptilian Space Escape Rug by Moooi Carpets

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Our planet sends us unmistakable signals, it is tired, it is saturated, it needs a radical change, and probably the human species is no longer included in its plans. The only solution is the spatial escape of the human being, an interstellar journey in search of new horizons.

Space Escape, is the story of the unknown, it is the story of everything that is revealed beyond our atmosphere. Space Escape is a dream that starts with Metropolis, passes through Kubrick and George Lucas, feeds on the energy of David Bowie and the Kraftwerk, to get to Mars-one and other very distant journeys.

Designed by Moooi Carpets

Size Options:
200 cm x 300 cm
267 cm x 400 cm

Material Options:
Low Pile Polyamide
Soft Yarn Polyamide

All rugs are finished with a blind hem.