Ripples Round Rug by Moooi Carpets

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The Ripples collection by Andrés Reisinger show the fluid motion of a single drop falling into water. As soon as the drop hits the surface, a dance of scattering rings follows. Still water transforming into concentric circles that vanish when hitting the sides of the glass, almost hypnotically. The photo-realistic carpets carry the typical Reisinger’s signature style. Characterised by a conceptual approach, bridging the imagined and tangible. Ripples gives us a calm, fluid, and focused design that brings a captivating serenity into your home.

Design by Andres Reisinger

Material Options:
Low Pile Polyamide
Soft Yarn Polyamide

Size Options:
Ø 250 cm
Ø 350 cm

Colour Options: