Something Like This Sofa by Moooi

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Maarten Baas’ Something Like This Sofa is a celebration of the designer’s love for sketchy drawings translated into a soft, unusually modelled sofa. Its organic, uneven silhouette made of different blocks and shapes resembles a swift, impulsive drawing. It evokes the irregular trace left by pen on paper in a moment of inspiration. This comfy sofa with its sketchy looks comes in one easy yet clever configuration, a slightly adjustable scenery that everyone can build. Its unique panorama gently blends into any kind of space, adding a touch of fluidity, playfulness and joy to your own interior landscape.

Maarten Baas - 2015

Wood, Foam, Steel

Sofa Elements
Single Seat Element - 68cm x 93cm x 69 cm Seat: 39cm
Double Seat Element - 142cm x 97cm x 81cm Seat: 39cm
Chaise Lounge Left - 132cm x 152cm x 88cm Seat: 39cm
Chaise Lounge Right - 132cm x 152cm x 88cm Seat: 39cm
Footstool - 89cm x 65cm x 41cm
Siderest Left - 68cm x 32cm x 60cm
Siderest Right - 68cm x 32cm x 60cm
Long Armrest - 38cm x 85cm x 23cm
Short Armrest - 35cm x 46cm x 18cm
Pillow Long - 37cm x 28cm x 11cm
Pillow Short - 39cm x 32cm x 11cm

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Category I: Denim
Category II: Abracci, Solis
Category III: Justo, Merit, Remix 2, Vesper
Category IV: Canvas 2, Divina 3, Divina Melange 2, Divina MD, Fiord 2, Tonica 2, Steelcut 2, Steelcut Trio 3
Category V: Hallingdal 65, EA Bearded Leopard Jacquard, EA Blushing Sloth Wooly Mohair, EA Blushing Sloth Melange Mohair, EA Calligraphy Bird Jacquard, EA The Silent Bison Velvet, EA Dodo Pavone Jacquard