Spillo 2 Ceiling/Wall Lamp by ZANEEN design

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Manufactured in Italy by Icone

Wall and ceiling lamp with double adjustable drawn brass rod, 7x7 mm section. Available in various dimensions and power levels. Lighting by high luminous efficiency LED micro-strip. Complete with power supply unit.

Marco Pagnoncelli, 2012

Finish Options:

Ceiling or wall

Spillo 2.40:
Delivered Lumen: 660lm
Total Wattage: 7.44W
Width: 3.2cm (1-1/4")
Height: 72cm (28-3/8")
Extension: Min. 6cm (2-3/8"), Max. 46cm (18-1/8")

Spillo 2.60:
Delivered Lumen: 990lm
Total Wattage: 11.88W
Width: 3.2cm (1-1/4")
Height: 109cm (42-15/16")
Extension: Min. 6cm (2-3/8"), Max. 66cm (26")

Spillo 2.80:
Delivered Lumen: 1320lm
Total Wattage: 15.36W
Width: 3.2cm (1-1/4")
Height: 139cm (54-3/4")
Extension: Min. 6cm (2-3/8"), Max. 86cm (33-7/8")

Light Source Information:
Light Colour: Warm White
Colour Temperature: 3000K
Lamp Type: LED Strip
Lamp Voltage: 12V
Input Voltage: 120V
Power Supply: Remote LED Driver (not included)
Dimming: Non-dimmable
Adjustable Spot: Tilt 90 degrees